The S.W.A.S. Cellar

At the end of each year at the AGM, the SWAS Finances are reviewed when our Treasurer presents the Accounts. Over the years, sometimes there is a small profit and sometimes there is a loss. Over time a reasonable surplus may accrue. With the agreement of the members attending the AGM, every few years this surplus is used to purchase a small amount of 'Fine Wine' for cellaring for the mutual benefit of members.

One or two of these bottles are released, at the Fine Wine Committee's discretion, for tasting at 'special events' such as the AGM or the SWAS 40th Anniversary celebrations held in October 2016.  In addition, following the 2017 AGM, monthly hosts will also be offered a no-obligation opportunity to include one bottle (chosen by the FWC from the SWAS Cellar), at no extra cost, in their Tastings.

Four senior SWAS members (currently Bryan, Bill, James & David) form an ad hoc 'Fine Wine Committee' and this Committee has a free rein to use such surplus that the Treasurer allocates to buy wines for the SWAS cellar.

By decision at the SWAS 2018 AGM the SWAS Cellar will no longer be continued.  Bottles from existing stock will be offered to Members for incorporation into their Tastings as appropriate as bottles become 'ready for tasting'.

Wines in the S.W.A.S. Cellar

16 bottles of Fine Wine currently safely stored in the SWAS cellar under the care of Bill Geddes.


The S.W.A.S. Cellar Wines



 Date Purchased Bottles  Vintage  Wine  Region Cost/Bottle
 06/03/2013 (#2)  -  2009  Tildé  Saint-Joseph
 06/03/2013 (#1)  -  2008  G. B. Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero  Barolo
 06/03/2013 (#3)  -  2005  Château La Nerthe  Châteauneuf-du-Pape
 18/01/2014 (#4) -  2009  Domaine Delubac L'Authentique  Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages  Cairanne
 18/01/2014 (#7)  2009  Paul Jaboulet Domaine Thalabert  Crozes-Hermitage  £28
 18/01/2014 (#1)  -  2005  Domaine La Roquette  Châteauneuf-du-Pape
 12/02/2016 (#6) 1  2010  Cornas Nicolas Perrin  Rhône  £26
 12/02/2016 (#5) -  2005 The Society's Exhibition Hermitage Rouge  Rhône  £36
 12/02/2016 (#10)  2010 Carmignano Villa di Capezzana  Central Tuscany/Umbria  £17
 Feb 2018 (#10) 3  2014 Chianti Classico, Fontodi
(Wine Society Ref IT23591)
 Tuscany  £18.50
 Feb 2018 (#10)  2016  De Morgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc
(Wine Society Ref SA12861)
Stellenbosch, SA  £25
 Feb 2018 (#9)  2007 D'Arenberg 'Dead Arm', McLaren Vale
Shiraz (Wine Society Ref AU13481)
 South Australia  £27
 Feb 2018 (#8)  2013 Aglianico del Vulture Alvolo, Alovini
(Wine Society Ref IT23491)
 Basilicata, Italy  £15.50

Note #1:  one bottle of each of these wines was enjoyed at the 40th Anniversary Dinner
Note #2:  two bottles of this wine were enjoyed at the 40th Anniversary Dinner
Note #3:  the last bottle of this wine was enjoyed at the 2016 AGM
Note #4:  two bottles of this wine were enjoyed at the 2017 AGM, two at the 2018 AGM
Note #5:  one bottle enjoyed at Dinah's Tasting April 2018, one at Jill & Bryan's in June 2018, one at Celia's in July 2018, one at Dinah's in Oct 2018, one at the AGM in Dec 2018, one bottle unaccounted for.
Note #6:  one bottle enjoyed at the 2018 AGM & one at Jill & Bryan's Mar 2020
Note #7:  two bottles enjoyed at Jill & Bryan's Tasting Feb 2019 & at their Mar 2020 Tasting
Note #8: one bottle enjoyed at Bill's Tasting Sep 2019 and one at Jill & Bryan's Mar 2020
Note #9: one bottle enjoyed at Peter & Sally's Tasting Nov 2019 and one at Jill & Bryan's Mar 2020
Note #10: one bottle at each of these wines enjoyed at Jill & Bryan's Tasting Mar 2020

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