2014 November: Lyn & Dave's Tasting in Henfield

"Portugese Wines: From Adego to Vinho through Branco & Tinto"

(All the Tasting Notes and the following Introduction were generously provided by Bill):

"Broadly speaking, the wines at SWAS tastings fall into three main types:

1. Unusual/Interesting

2. Good/Enjoyable

3. Disappointing/Predictable

The November event was most definitely in the first category. The wines were all Portugese, as such I was not expecting anything unusual. Wrong! The wines were all you could wish for in terms of their quality and interest.

All the wines came from Butlers in Brighton. David told us he simply asked the person who served him (a 'Goth' apparently with vibrantly coloured hair... Seek her out, she obviously knows her stuff!) to provide an interesting range of Portugese wines. The selection she came up with was quite exceptional. Unusual for a SWAS event there appeared to be complete agreement amongst those attending."

1. Quinta da Raza Arinto (2013), Vinho Verde DOC, 12.5% £10.75

Bill's Tasting Notes: "The hit of the evening, an off-dry beauty with just a hint of spritz. At £10.75 this got top marks for value".

2. FP Bical & Arinto Vihno Branco (2013) IGP Beira Alantico, 12.5% £12.50

Bill's Tasting Notes: "Aromatic and clean tasting with a Reisling-like mouth feel, not bone dry. Enjoyed by all but less popular than number one."

3. Terre d'Alter Reserva Branco (2011) Vinho Regional Alentejano, 14% £10.50

Bill's Tasting Notes: "Drier and with more body than the other two whites. Probably the least appreciated of the three but still very good value at £10.50"

4. Quinta Lagoalva de Cima Alfrocheiro (2008) Vinho Regional Tejo, 13.5% £20.00

Bill's Tasting Notes: "This was a huge brambly wine. Tannic, fruity and powerful. Definitely a food wine!"

5. Niepoort Vertende Duoro (2011) Dão DOC, 14% £17.25

Bill's Tasting Notes: "From a major Port producer, this was a lovely easy drinking style wine, packed with fruity flavours, smooth and rich. For me, at £17.25, a better buy than number four".

6. Ribeiro Santo (2011) Vihno Regional Beiras, 13% £9.75

Bill's Tasting Notes: "Not made by Santa's brother! This young red will most certainly improve, tonight it was bursting with fruit flavours and very accessible. A very serious and grown up wine. At £9.75 a real snip".

7. Luis Pato Rebel (2010) Vinho Regional Beiras, 13% £14.75

Bill's Tasting Notes: "A big, big wine and fully ready to drink - steak and cheese were mentioned. Again this was a fruit monster but a very dry one. At £14.75 a beezer for a meaty dinner party".

8. Terra d'Alter Telhas (2009) Vihno Regional Alentejano, 14.5% £19.75

Bill's Tasting Notes: "The red wine of the evening. Universal acclaim for this oaky, Rhone style winner. 'Unctuous and fruity' it says in my notes (Janis noted "fantastic") and for me a 10 out of 10 bottle".

All agreed that Lyn and David deserved our grateful thanks for an above average tasting accompanied by a delicious supper of a Portugese Cod dish, two lovely cheeses and Apple Crumble with cream or icecream.

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