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19 January 2016

Janis & Bill have been sorting through some old SWAS documents and came up with the following for which Bill provides an introduction:

"I have recently been looking back on some of the "historic" SWAS tastings. This was due to Janis finding some old tasting notes from events before we joined. There are a few surprises!

There seemed to be a tradition that most tastings involved an average of 9/10 wines. They were not always presented in the now common, 3 whites and the rest red, format. Indeed, one tasting was all white wines.

I had thought it was only recently that we had begun to try more expensive wines. The first few tastings we attended had mainly sub £10 supermarket wines but, in the past, the boat was sometimes fully pushed out.

For example, in January 2001, a tasting at Shirley Oliver’s house included:

    A white Margaux @ £32.95

    A St. Emilion Premier Grand Cru @ £27.72

    A red Margaux @ £32.09


    A Pessac Leognan (Château Pape Clement) at a mighty £44.95!!!

(Was that the most expensive SWAS ever?)

The April 2007 Tasting at Seaford had 9 wines of which 8 were over the £20 mark

The tasting lists which survive are as below:

  March 2000 - 4 Reds & 6 Whites (Australia) (Jill and Bryan)

  January 2001 - 5 Reds & 3 Whites (Bordeaux) (Shirley)

  March 2001 - 9 Wines (mix unclear) (Rhone; Paul Jaboulet) (Jill and Bryan)

  June 2001 - 8 Reds & 3 Whites (Argentina) (Irvine and Joan)

  July 2001 - 8 Wines All Reisling! (Venue unknown)

  October 2001 - 6 Reds & 2 Whites (Mixed origin) (David and Lyn)

  January 2002 - 7 Reds & 3 Whites (Rhône) (Shirley)

  July 2002 - 5 Reds & 6 Whites (NZ) (Venue unknown)

  March 2004 - 4 Reds & 6 White/Rosé (Latin America) (Jill and Bryan)

  August 2004 - 6 Reds & 4 Whites (Mixed origin) (Michael and Sheila)

  April 2007 - 9 Wines Burgundy (Mix unclear) ( Irvine and Joan)

  February 2008 - 6 Whites & 4 Reds (California) (Jill and Bryan)"

If anyone else has any 'historic' SWAS documents, please share them with us!

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