Sussex Wine Appreciation Society

Come and join us! We always welcome new members. Our regular evening get-togethers are a great way to learn about and enjoy all aspects of wine in convivial settings in the Brighton/Worthing area

SWAS was established 41 years ago and has evolved over the years. We are an eclectic assortment of like-minded folk who all enjoy good company and good wines. We try to meet on the first Saturday of each month in the comfort of members' homes in the Brighton/Worthing area to taste good wines and share good food. No one is ever obliged to host a tasting and you can attend only those evenings that you would like to. Current annual membership is just £3.00 for an individual and £5.00 for a couple, membership renewal is on 1st December each year.  There is a charge per head for each event just to cover the cost of the wine and food but we are non-profit making.  Lack of wine knowledge or experience is absolutely no barrier to joining!

Our next evening will be in Henfield with Lyn & Dave on Saturday 5th May 2018.


The SWAS Tasting Programme for 2018

The  SWAS Tasting Programme for 2018 will be shown below.  Following our 2017 AGM the call is now out for volunteers to host Tastings during the year.  Mike co-ordinates the calendar so please email him with queries/suggestions/offers for future Tastings.

The SWAS Tasting Programme for 2018

Saturday 3rd February: "An Underrated Grape - Grenache" with Sally & Peter in Rustington.

Saturday 3rd March: "France 2010" with Adrienne & James in Brighton

Saturday 7th April:  "Spain v Italy" with Dinah in Lewes

Saturday 5th May: "A personal selection of wines from France" with Lyn & Dave in Henfield

Saturday 2nd June: TBA with Bryan & Jill in Worthing

Saturday 7th July:    An afternoon Sherry Tasting with Celia in Henfield

Saturday 4th August: TBA with Gordon & Lindsay in East Preston

Saturday 1st September: TBA

Saturday 6th October: TBA

Saturday 3rd November: TBA

Saturday 1st December: AGM & Quiz, with Lyn & Dave in Henfield

The SWAS Tasting Programme for 2017

Saturday 4th February: "A Taste of Italy" with Joan & Irvine in Seaford.

Saturday 1st April: "Wines for Longer Days" with Dinah in Lewes.

Saturday 6th May: "Volcanic Wines" with Adrienne & James in Brighton.

Saturday 3rd June: "More to Spain than Rioja" with Peter & Sally in Rustington

Saturday 1st July: "Go Brazil...!" with Claire & Mike in Solihull (another SWAS 'Away Day')

Saturday 2nd September: "La Gloire of Pinot Noir" with Sioned & Peter in East Preston

Saturday 7th October: "How many grape varieties can be squeezed into a bottle of wine?" with Jill & Bryan in Worthing

Saturday 4th November:  "Mallorca - Sun, Sand, Sea and Wine!" with Janis & Bill in Worthing

Saturday 2nd December:  "Wines from a Single Grape Variety" AGM & Quiz hosted by Lyn & Dave in Henfield, wines & quiz courtesy of Dinah...!

The SWAS Tasting Programme for 2016

Saturday 9th January: "Musar and Other Wines from the Lebanon" with Lyn & Dave in Henfield

Saturday 6th February: "South Africa vs. South America - a comparative tasting" with Jill & Bryan in Worthing

Saturday 5th March: "European Fine Wine Selection II" with Adrienne & James in Brighton

Saturday 9th April: "It's all Greek to me!" with Sally & Peter in Rustington

Saturday 7th May: "A Roam in the Rhône – North v South – A Comparative Tasting" with Janis & Bill in Worthing.

Saturday 2nd July: "Will you vote Left or will you vote Right?" with Claire & Mike in Solihull (another SWAS 'away day')

Saturday 3rd September: "Bring a Bottle - one that you REALLY like" with Jill & Bryan in Worthing

Saturday 1st October: "The SWAS 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner" at Pyecombe Golf Club

Saturday 3rd December: "Summertime Down Under" The 2016 SWAS AGM and Mike's Fiendish Quiz - hosted by Lyn & Dave in Henfield

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If you would like to find out more about us or to enquire about joining please contact our Secretary, Mike Brook, at email:

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Our Secretary, Mike Brook, can be contacted at email:

We'll post the full details of our 2018 Tasting Dates on our home page as each is confirmed